The pandemic left me with time on my hands. I’m deciding to do something with it.

Hi I’m Shourya. I’m a computer science student at Surrey University, but I’m on an industrial placement this year. If you want to find out more about me, just click on the link below.

While on placement, I’ve set myself a target of learning Artificial Intelligence in my spare time. I hope to have learnt it to a degree that lets me use it in some way for my final year project in September 2020.

Why am I doing this?

My one philosophy for learning is that if you truly have a vested interest in any area, studying it is no longer a chore.


Who am I?

I’m Shourya. I’m a student at the University of Surrey enrolled on a 4 year bachelors in Computer Science.

Before I attended university, I had never taken classes of computer science, or studied programming in any real capacity. So it makes sense to most people that when I started my course on October 1st 2018, I felt incredibly out of my depth. Many hours in the first few weeks were spent going over lectures multiple times, with my time spent working on lab assignments growing. …

You can’t make a great building on a weak foundation.

Welcome to my course on Artificial Intelligence. If you’re not entirely sure what this is about, I’m embarking on challenge in which I try to create my own curriculum to learn AI through. I’ll be using these weekly blogs to document my process as well as anything important I feel should be included here.

For more detail on the AI course, you can look at my main article which maps out everything I’m currently doing or have done as part of my training on artificial intelligence.

Where do we start?

I’m working through one course as part of my foundation for this topic (Intro…

Shourya Sharma

Computer Scientist. I look at Web Design and AI.

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